‘Use every lever’ to limit social media damage on youth

10 July

Social media companies fail in their responsibility to protect children from online harm, says a safety advocate renewing calls for age verification. Mandatory and enforced measures such as age verification are a way to crack down on platforms over...[Read More]

Dingoes share pure genes with 3000-year-old ancestors

10 July

Dingoes may look like man’s best friend but genetics prove otherwise. New research shows dingoes have kept their rare genetic ancestry by not breeding with domestic dogs in the 3000 years since arriving in Australia. The Queensland University of...[Read More]

Watchdog warning ends Google deal with Telstra, Optus

3 July

Australia’s two biggest telcos will be restrained from accepting further payments by Google for pre-installing software on their smartphones after a warning from the competition watchdog. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission revealed...[Read More]

Would you show Facebook your ID? The govt wants to know

3 July

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat could be asked to participate in the Australian government’s age-assurance technology trial to assess whether it would stop teenagers from accessing social media and pornography. But communications...[Read More]

Aussies feel social media fails to stop ‘scam war’

27 June

Australians are concerned social media platform giants are failing to stop scams and even encouraging the online phenomena. The Australian Banking Association released research on Wednesday revealing 39 per cent of Australians believe Meta – the...[Read More]

Google and CSIRO team up to solve solar surplus problem

26 June

Australian scientists have teamed with Google’s secretive research and development arm to work out a way to put more renewable energy into traditional electricity grids. The company’s so-called “moonshot factory,” X, announced on Tuesday it...[Read More]

Hospital set for AI medical scans in ‘Australian first’

20 June

A Queensland public hospital is set to use artificial intelligence for medical scans, in what has been hailed as an Australian first. Queensland Premier Steven Miles backed the technology’s use in health care after Gold Coast University Hospital...[Read More]

Lies, bad ads, no rules – social media under scrutiny

19 June

Researchers from six Australian universities will together investigate misinformation, consumer targeting, political messages and other risks on social media. RMIT University announced the creation of the Australian Internet Observatory on Monday, a...[Read More]

Why all smartphones are adding artificial intelligence

12 June

Artificial intelligence technology that can fix photos, correct messages and organise meetings is being tipped as the killer smartphone app after Apple became the latest tech giant to introduce the tools to millions of handsets. But experts warned...[Read More]

Four popular training courses facing critical AI risk

12 June

Four work training courses in high demand have been identified as being at the greatest risk of disruption from artificial intelligence technology in an analysis one government agency says requires urgent action. The vocational training courses in...[Read More]

Tips to cut down on household energy consumption

6 June

As a homeowner, you’re likely aware of the increasing costs associated with household energy consumption. This is why cutting down on energy use can mean big savings. In addition to the financial benefits, reducing electricity use can help to...[Read More]

Australia urged to balance social media playing field

6 June

The news landscape has become the “canary in the coalmine” as social media giants stretch the limits of regulation, prompting a media executive to call for a new legal regime. Social media platforms including Facebook and X, formerly Twitter,...[Read More]

Medibank could face $21.5 trillion fine over data theft

5 June

Medibank could face trillions of dollars in fines after the Australian Information Commissioner launched legal action over a major data breach. The 2022 cybersecurity incident that affected 9.7 million Medibank and Ahm customers saw hackers steal...[Read More]

Alleged hack of tickets giant could expose credit data

29 May

A hacker group is allegedly attempting to sell millions of people’s data, potentially including Australians, after hacking a ticketing giant. Online posts purporting to be from a hacking group known as ShinyHunters is advertising the sale of 560...[Read More]

Ancient ‘echidnapus’ evidence of ‘age of monotremes’

29 May

Ancient bones found in opal fields have given scientists a first-ever insight into a “civilisation” of echidna and platypus-like creatures that roamed Australia 100 million years ago. The opalised jaws, unearthed in the NSW outback town of...[Read More]